“Healing the world one soul at a time”

Healing today will affect generations to come!

About Me

I’m a 60 year old father to 7 children. I have been healing people and taking pain away since I was a child, not fully knowing what it was I was doing. I concentrated mainly on family and my friends who knew what I could do. It wasn’t easy growing up knowing I was different and there was a lot I didn’t understand about life and me.

A few years ago I came across an online article about Empaths. I didn’t know what the word meant so I did some reading. I was stunned, why hadn’t I seen this before? Why now when I’m 57? Reading more on the subject, I found the more I read, the more I identified with being an Empath. I researched lots and joined groups so I could start my spiritual journey. This led me to Reiki and my website JanReiki.com and subsequently The Emotion Code and Kinesiology. 

I am Reiki Master and have the knowledge and confidence to pass on my skills to others, albeit through healing or helping others become attuned and developing their own healing abilities.  I am a certified and qualified Emotion Code Practitioner for adults, children and animals. The Emotion Code can remove emotional barriers you are not aware of, accelerate your spiritual growth and prevent further dis-ease.

I have been a qualified teacher since 2008 helping learners at risk of exclusion and those who have been excluded in alternative education programmes in Cheshire. By using my empathy skills, I am able to help the children in their somewhat chaotic lives.

Sports Reiki by Jan Howorth - Reiki Master based in Runcorn, Cheshire

What the clients say...

  • Bill

    "I've had both Distant and hands-on Reiki from Jan and can honestly say that my pain and wellbeing are always so much better after each session. Jan is not what you'd call a typical Reiki master - if there is one - but you will never meet a more generous and comforting man. I'm of an older generation so really didn't think Reiki would work for me but it does and I look forward to seeing Jan and receiving Reiki from him again very soon."

  • Jay

    "Jan is a very welcoming warm person to be around. Felt as million dollars after the session."

  • Rachel

    "Just one Reiki healing with Jan made me feel relaxed,calm, energised & pain free. This was a new experience for me but one that I know I will want to repeat again.  Thank you so much Jan, your kindness & spirituality shines brightly."

  • Elaine

    "Very professional service highly recommend this service"

  • Animal Healing Client

    "I approached Jan with regards to my dog’s behaviour. There has always been a territory battle within the home with my oldest female and male. There has been sign’s of aggression and just general constant bickering which has erupted into fights in the past. 

    I contacted Jan and asked him for help. After the initial session my male had calmed right down and preferred to walk away rather than stand there growling. After Jan performed  a  further 2 sessions with my female. She too was a lot more relaxed and preferred to sleep more rather than pick fights. I cannot thank Jan for the help he has given me. Our home is a more peaceful place. Thank you"

  • Gill

    "Highly recommended, worked wonders for my pet rabbit,Brownie, who came to us from uncaring owners and was very nervous, did not like being handled and was terrified of dogs. She now lets us stroke her, will sit on us, fall asleep next to us and accept cuddles and licks from our dog. She's a different rabbit now . I didn't believe it would help but thought it was worth a try and it worked x"