Reiki Experience

Jan A Howorth - Reiki Master

Reiki Experience
What you may experience during Reiki Healing is individual to each person. You may see coloured swirling clouds, feel different

sensations, heat or coldness in different areas or perhaps have

visions. Reiki is working for your greater good at all times and

anything you may experience is helping towards a healing, whether it is physical, emotional or spiritual. At any time you can ask for the session to stop. You may not feel anything at all; this doesn’t mean it isn’t working! It may come out hours or even days later. Your emotions will become clearer; it may help you make important decisions about your work or personal life. It could ease anxiety and make you see relationships with loved ones in a different light. One thing is for sure, Reiki will start the healing processes that you need, you may not know what they are but they will begin.

When the Reiki healing session is over I would ask you to send me

an email or message a week or so later to update me on how you felt during the session and the week after. You can do this via the link on the website.