Attunements Information

Jan A Howorth - Reiki Master

Level 1
Level 1 attunement gives you a greater ability to heal yourself.

Reiki is not “taught” in the way that most practices are. You must

go through an ancient and precise process performed by a Reiki


This attunement changes the vibrational level of you and your aura

by “rewiring” the subtle energy channels in our finer bodies through

transmission of Ki energy and the use of sacred symbols. The

process opens the crown, heart and palm Chakras, energy flows

through the crown, down the spine and into the palm Chakras and

the whole process is precisely sealed. The procedure is performed

by the Reiki Master but controlled by Astral Reiki Guides. Different

people have different experiences during attunements and there is

no way of describing the experience. It can be a powerful spiritual

experience but is always a life healing process.

You may notice an immediate energy change or it may work more

slowly on you over a 3 week period. It works entirely for your best.

Any leap in consciousness of course depends on your own vibratory

level before you receive attunements and is a very individual

matter. Your vibratory level is increased further by giving Reiki

regularly to yourself and others. Once Reiki is activated by an

attunement it is always with you, even if you reject it believing it to

be nonsense, you can access it at a further time.

No matter what you feel during an attunement, it is always right.

The student and the Master are in contact with Divine Light and

there can be no error. The process is controlled by forces beyond

the Reiki Master. This Universal force is true. It is absolute.

Level 2
Level 2 attunement gives you a greater ability to heal yourself and heal

others. You can do this by “hands on” or by “distant” using the correct

sacred symbols.

Again you will need to continue self healing for the 21 days afterwards to

let the energy flow through you. Once this is done you have the ability for


Level 3 or Master Level
Level 3 gives you the ability to do the same as the other two levels plus

you will be able to do soul healing. When you are in a relationship be it in

this life or a previous one you leave some of your energy in that

relationship when it breaks up. This energy would be left due to an

imbalance in the relationship, such as physical or emotional abuse,

infidelity or just death. You can retrieve your energy back from this and

the after effects of the relationship, grief, lack of self esteem and

confidence, will improve and you may get your life back on track.

Healing Crisis
After receiving attunements many people find an increase in the pace of

their lives, some physical distress and an increase in negative feelings.

This is the Healing Crisis and is a positive sign of deep healing.

Attunements activate loosening of negative energy which cannot vibrate

at the new higher level. Old repressed memories and feelings of denial

can therefore manifest to assist with further growth.

Following an attunement it takes 3 days for the energy to move through

each of the main Chakras -21 days in total. During this time people

sometimes report strange dreams and altered sleep patterns, strange

feelings and old habits being dropped. You must just accept each

experience. It will pass. Try to recognise this 21 day cleansing period as a

positive time during which negative psychological patterns and physical

toxins are released.

The physical distress usually emerges as headaches, runny nose, colds,

sickness, diarrhoea, etc. This is simply due to toxic release and cleansing.

During this time it is important to drink plenty of pure water and give

yourself daily self treatments. You should also avoid impure foods and

drinks such as alcohol, meat, caffeine and chemical additives for a period

of time following the attunement.

Any of the above symptoms are a good sign and should just be accepted.

When people begin to heal as a whole, their lives are affected at a deeper

level than the physical symptoms. This is because normally many parts of

our lives have a connection with the physical or psychological symptom,

so the healing often causes major reorganisation on many levels. This is

also true for someone receiving a Reiki treatment. It is important to be

aware that when giving a Reiki treatment to a client with an acute illness

or pain, the symptoms could be worse for two or three days after

treatment. It takes three days for pain to pass through the physical into

the finer energy body and leave. It is therefore recommended that in

severe cases, three daily treatments are given. The recipient should be

advised to eat a pure diet and drink plenty of water to flush out toxins.

Other Uses Of Reiki
Reiki has many and varied uses in day to day living. Use it often and

discover new uses.

Animals love Reiki and are very sensitive to it, especially cats that seem

to be familiar with Reiki. You will often find that pets, notably cats and

dogs, will come up demanding regular treatments once they know you

have it. Place your hands wherever feels right (or whatever the pet

demands). They will move when they have had enough.

Reiki can be used on plants. Apply it to the leaves by placing the hands

above the plant and to the roots by placing the hands on the pot. Just

have the intention and Reiki will help sick plants to recover and young

plants to grow strong and healthy also increasing resistance to pests and


Reiki works well with food and drink. Place your hands over the food or

drink for a few seconds and it will help to remove negative vibrations in

the food and reduce the effects of any improper substances it contains.

It is useful for working with medicines and remedies, enhancing their

effectiveness and helping to minimise any side effects. Place the medicine

between your hands and intend the Reiki to flow.

Reiki is an excellent method of balancing and cleansing crystals and

jewellery. Just place the item between your hands and meditate on the

Reiki allowing it to flow.

In Conclusion
In modern times we tend to lead stressful, discordant and unbalanced

lives. This results in apathy, mood swings, cynicism and energy depletion:

all preventing us from developing our own inner harmony. We search for

harmony through external stimuli instead of our own inner balance

Reiki helps us to cope with life’s pressures and strains and see the

positive in everything, releasing stress and reinforcing personal balance

without the need for external dependency.

Reiki Practitioners tend to become more and more creative as their

energy finds different ways of expressing itself after old negative blocks

are released. The Reiki Practitioner easily learns to accept life and let go

of fear, seeing experiences as they truly are.

Reiki is itself the greatest teacher and the best way of learning is to give

treatments and use the energy. The more Reiki is used, the stronger a

channel you will become.

Reiki is now part of your whole being. May it bring light, love and

harmony to your life and may your life bring light, love and harmony to

the world.