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Jan A Howorth - Reiki Master

According to the Government more than a million workers went off sick for more than a month per year.

Sickness due to stress causes loss of production which impacts on profits, so earlier return to work and increased economic output is essential to minimise this. The Department for Work and Pensions estimates by reducing sickness businesses could save up to £70 million and reduce sickness days by 20%-40%. Work Stress And Mental Health Work related stress and mental health are directly related and work related stress may exacerbate or even escalate an existing mental health problem that the individual would otherwise have effectively handled, without it impacting adversely on their work. Mental health problems and stress can have different causes. Stress may be related to events at work, where as mental health problems may arise through external causes, such as divorce or bereavement. The symptoms of both are often similar and it is difficult to distinguish when stress transcends into a mental health problem. A GP will usually make the relevant diagnosis.

According to the HSE the main causes of stress in the workplace are that employees:

  • are not able to cope with the demands of their jobs
  • are unable to control the way they do their work
  • don’t receive enough information and support
  • are having trouble with relationships at work, or are being bullied
  • don’t fully understand their role and responsibilities
  • are not engaged when a business is undergoing change


Causes of stress may include:

  • little control over aspects of the job
  • not enough involvement in decision making
  • account not taken of staff ideas/suggestions relating to the role
  • no influence over performance targets
  • lack of time
  • unrealistic deadlines and expectations
  • technology overload
  • unmanageable workloads
  • under recruitment of staff for work already timetabled
  • long work hours


Work can also spill over into your personal life and put adverse effects on relationships due to:

  • Long hours
  • Over demanding and inflexible work schedules
  • Pressure on family relationships
  • Unsocial working hours
  • Excessive travel time
  • Work interfering with home/personal life
  • Signs Of Stress Among Employees


High staff turnover, high absenteeism and sick levels, low morale and commitment, customer complaints, a possible increase in accidents and poor performance and productivity. Long term stress can lead to fatigue and other medical problems.

We can come to your workplace and set up a treatment room where we can give sessions to your employees over a half or full day. Reiki will begin to work straight away on your employees. Stress can have a very negative effect on health and well being.