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  • 21-Feb-2019
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In Distant Reiki we would arrange a date and time, say 7.00pm on
any specific day. I would need to see a picture of you and have the
full address of where you are going to be. You would need to fill in
two consent forms available on download from the website they
only take a few minutes to complete and they are client confidential.
They could be emailed back to me prior to the date. I would text you
5 minutes before to see if you are comfortable and ready to start. At
the set time I would be at home and would use sacred symbols to
send Reiki to you in the comfort of your own home/space or
wherever you choose to be.
Distant Reiki can also be used to send to events such as an
interview. I could send the Reiki to a specific room at a specific time
for the duration of the interview. The benefits of this are reduced
anxiety, clarity of thinking and Reiki working for your highest good.
Remember if the job is not in your greatest good then you won’t get
it, but it will help you realise this and move on from it.


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