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We would arrange a date and time and possibly a numeric list of
interested people. On the day I would need a small room or space in
which to set up a therapy table and chair. I would cleanse the room’s
energy using sacred symbols and prepare to receive the first client.
Each client would need to fill in two consent forms available on
download from the website or I could bring them on the day, they
only take a few minutes to complete and they are client confidential.
I could assist with this if you wish as I know nobody like filling forms
I could do a presentation to interested parties and give a brief history
and description of what Reiki can do and answer any questions to
allay any fears beforehand. I have to have your permission to do
Reiki even if you don’t believe in it, it will still work! I could go as in
depth as required to any size audience, room permitting.
A typical half day session would be giving Reiki in 15/20 minute
sessions by appointment over a 4 hour period with a small break
imbetween. If the sessions were 15 minutes each allowing for
relaxation time before and after I could do approximately 3 clients
per hour which equates to 12 or so in the 4 hour session. If 20
minute sessions are requested then the total would be slightly less
maybe 9/10 in the 4 hours. There is no exact script to how each
client will react and recover, but they will be refreshed and relaxed!
On the full day session times could be prearranged depending on the
amount of clients. All this will be discussed beforehand and
personalised to your requirements.


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