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In the home visit we would arrange a time and date and the way you
would like to receive Reiki. You would need to fill in two consent
forms available on download from the website or I could bring them
on the day, they only take a few minutes to complete and they are
client confidential. I could assist with this if you wish as I know
nobody like filling forms in! This could be by you lying on the therapy
table, with hands on or hands off approach or sat in your favourite
chair or lying on the sofa, either way will work! On the day I would
introduce myself and we would go to the room you have chosen for
Reiki. I would set up my therapy table up if needed and use Reiki
symbols to cleanse the energy in the room and prepare myself for
the treatment. I would then balance your Chakras using a sacred
symbol given to me at my Master Attunement. The treatment would
last for 45 minutes or 1 hour, during which you may experience
different things such as warmth inside or feeling cool in certain
places. You may feel a wind coming from my palms. Reiki works for
the highest good of both of us, it is a natural energy that will find
where you need healing, be it physical, emotional or spiritual and
start the healing process off. You may feel sleepy during the session
and by the end of it you will be fully relaxed and maybe even asleep!
If so you will be left to wake up naturally.

A week after the treatment I will contact you and ask how you felt
about it and ask you to leave some feedback on my website.


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